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The Ridgeway track near Barbury castle

 (There is a hare sitting on the path ahead)

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Although now in several broken sections, this prehistoric highway can be seen throughout the county, notably the last part from Alton Barns to Overton Hill near Avebury. After this it becomes a designated National Trail, finally departing the county north-east of Liddington Hill, on an 85 mile (137 km) journey across the Oxfordshire and Berkshire Downs then onto Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire.

Through Wiltshire its way is marked by areas of archaeological interest and a wide range of habitats for wildlife, as well as fine views throughout its length..

Towards Barbury Castle

Towards Overton Hill

In some places it is up to 40 feet (12 metres) wide and lined by ancient hedgerows. From Overton Hill it goes north across Hackpen Hill then turns north-east passing Barbury Castle. At this point the Ridgeway turns south along Smeath's Ridge to Ogbourne St George. Hear it again turns north and on to Liddington Hill, where for a while a minor road which follows the original course of the Ridgeway takes it out of the county.