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Created in the Dark Ages, the origins and purpose of this two part bank and ditch are obscure. Dated between the fifth and seventh century, this defensive earthwork may well mark what was once the limit of Wessex. It may have been a defence against the Saxons, or more likely a later Saxon point of division.

The Wiltshire Wansdyke is impressive and may be walked for the whole length. It is a rewarding experience to walk its length across the Marlborough downs. Beginning at Morgan's Hill north-west of Bishops Canning where it intersects with the Roman road between Bath and Mildenhall. It crosses the A361 almost immediately and continues south-east, ending just east of Savernake Forest.

It can be seen at its best where it crosses the road between Alton Priors and Fyfield, just south of Boreham Wood.

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