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Marlborough Downs looking towards Ramsbury

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From Swindon in the north to the Vale of Pewsey in the south, from Calne to the eastern boundary of the county lays the gentle undulating Marlborough Downs, sometimes known as the Wessex Downs. These downlands offer great opportunities for walkers and ramblers.

The chalk is too porous for structures, but the land, probably due to its elevation, has supported communities since earliest times. Numerous old tracks across the ridges are easy to follow and take walker's past many sites of archeaological interest.

Views from the northern ridge of the downs are particularly good. One feature of this area is the sarsen stones variously called 'grey wethers' or 'druid stones'. These are found on Overton Down and Fyfield Down, north-west of Marlborough and to the west at Piggle Dean.

Marlborough Downs looking towards Cherhill

Marlborough Downs looking towards Cherhill

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