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Devizes Horse

Devizes White Horse

Designed by Peter Greed, this is the newest of Wiltshire's white horses. Completed in September 1999 on Roundway Hill, it needed to be cut quickly as planning permission was only granted the previous April, although the idea had been proposed in 1998 by Sarah Padwick, a newcomer to Devizes.

As previously said, the horse had to be cut quickly and about 200 enthusiastic volunteers from Devizes created it in just over a month. With help from Pearce Civil Engineering it was completed 3 months before the Millennium. A time capsule was also buried at the site.

Devizes once had another White Horse which is now obscured by neglect and the ravages of nature. Known as Snob's horse - old dialect for shoemaker - it was cut at Whitsun, 1845 by the shoemakers of Devizes below Oliver's Castle, an old hill fort on Roundway Down.

The horse had virtually disappeared from view by the end of the 19th century. Today it is only visible under certain weather conditions.

White Horse Map