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750 feet (229 metres) above sea level is the iron age hillfort 'Bratton Castle' on the chalk escarpment of Westbury Hill, under a mile south of Bratton. A minor road of the B3098 leads directly to the site.

The fort is an irregular rectangle enclosing about 25 acres (10 hectares), protected by two banks, some 35 feet high (10.6 metres) and ditches with two entrances and outworks. Here and elsewhere around Bratton evidence of Romamo-British occupation have been found.

Inside the hillfort is a 250 foot (76.2 metres) long barrow, 12 feet (3.6 metres) in height. It is believed that Guthrum may have withdrawn to Bratton Castle following his defeat by King Alfred at the battle of Ethandune near Edington in 878.

The twin banks enclosing Bratton Castle looking east

Another view again looking east

Bratton Castle looking over Westbury