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This iron age hill fort is reached by a minor road off the B4005 or alternatively across open downland by foot. It is adjacent to the Ridgeway and close to a Celtic field system known as Burderop Down. The oval site covers over 11 acres (around 4.7 hectares) and is enclosed by two banks and ditches, plus other defences which may have been added later.

Tools, weapons and chariot parts have been found here. At a later time it may have been the site of Cinric and Ceawlin's victory over the Brittons at Beran Byrig in 556.

Barbury Castle Hill Fort, near Swindon.

 Barbury Castle was built in the 6th century BC by the Celts as a refuge against warring tribes. The track crossing diagonally across the image is the Ridgeway. The path can also just be seen at the bottom of the hill at the extreme left of the image.

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Barbury Castle

This is towards the southwest of the hill-fort which is said to date from the 6th century BC. The land in the middle distance is in the western half of the same grid-square. The Ridgeway runs along the top of the ploughed field.

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