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Alton Barnes White Horse

Measuring 180 feet (55 metres) high by 165 feet (50 metres) long with an eye of 12 feet (3.7 meters) circumference, this horse is reputed to be a copy of the one at Cherhill. Robert Pile of Manor Farm, Alton Barnes paid for its creation in 1812 so that his village might be on an equal footing with Cherhill and Marlborough.

John Thorn, a jouneyman painter, produced a drawing of how the finished horse should look on the side of the hill, set men to work, then made away with the twenty sovereigns he had been paid to get the job done. So Robert Pile ended up cutting it himself. The horse stands on the southern slopes of the ridge between Walker's Hill and Milk Hill and is visible from Old Sarum. The area round the horse is rich in archaeological remains and is close to Knapp Hill settlement, Adams Grave long barrow and several round barrows.

Alton Barnes Horse White Horse Map